Saturday, November 10, 2012

different approach

So I am stuck in that rut where breafkast goes ok but somewhere between breakfast and bedtime all hell breaks loose and I have ate like it is the end of the world. I saw a quote this week about setting smaller goals so you can reach them so I decided to make a small goal. Tracking fri, sat, and sunday before I go to bfast on Monday morning. Saturday has went well!

Carlsbad half training-going the same as my diet BAD! blah I skipped my long run this week which was only 4 miles. I have to get with it!!!

I need motivation people GIVE IT TO ME!

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  1. you still have lots of time before Carlsbad! I was thinking about this same thing the other day (after breakfast it goes downhill). I have been trying to eat bigger breakfasts, and that seems to be working. So instead of toast and an egg and a piece of fruit I am having cream of wheat, a veggie omlette (small) and a piece of fruit...seems to be working so far. Just really time consuming.