Thursday, November 1, 2012

First day of November

And day 1 sucked!! I woke up today coughing up green ick. Then I went to talk and sound like a whispering frog! My kids are in heaven! I was pretty productive today though for being under The weather. Once the kids were in school I grabbed my friend Shelly and we headed to Target (which by the way doesn't price match the military exchange ads). After catching the great 50% Halloween clearance we headed downtown to the USO to sign up for the Santa Workshop at the Harley store, we were 74-77 out of the 100 accepted for our time slot. Pics will be posted dec 8th.
Thursday is early release for the kids so once they hit home and we loaned our car out to a friend tats moving Monday we ran errands. I delivered items that we starting to clear from our housetops other homes. Then I picked up my friend Audrey's daughter and off to Santee we went. Another target run, Costco, kohls, the bank, and gas station. All that time I'm trying to keep three kids together with a squeak of a voice I'm sure everyone found it humorous.

My night ended with going to Claimjumpers with another friend followed by hot tea at panders to soothe my aching throat in hopes of getting my voice back before I have to work. Oh and I shampooed half of my living room carpet hoping to burn off dinner! Well my bed and tooth fairy duties are calling my name! My baby lost another tooth today!

And to follow with the November tradition: today I'm grateful that both my husband and I are employed.

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