Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The plan to eat paleo for fri, sat, and Sunday worked great. Then I got off work Monday and met a friend for breakfast. I had sweet potato pancakes, eggs, bacon, and coffee. I munched on paleo foods the rest of the day but come Tuesday I binged. Tuesday was my sister's bday, she would have been 31.  Today has been good, I ate at the Habit and skipped the bun :)

I am halfway through week 2 of my half marathon training. I wrote out my schedule in my planner and trying my best to stick to it. Sunday I ran 3 miles, Tuesday 1 mile and Zumba, Wednesday 3 miles.  I have a 4 mie run planned for Friday.

Today was my first appointment at San Diego Spine and Rehab. I told them about my right knee pain I get while running and the pinched nerve I think I have. They took X-rays of my knee and shoulder, gave me a focused massage, and put me on some electronic device with ice on me. I go back tomorrow to review my X-rays and set up a treatment plan. Currently I am supposed to 3 times a week for a month.

Can you guys believe Thanksgiving is a week away?!?! Who is running a turkey trot? I am not this year but plotting a half marathon for my husband to run before we move. P.S. we are moving to Kings Bay, GA after the holidays, don't know the exact Navy definition of "after the holidays" .

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