Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love me some Target!!!

I mean who doesn’t? I will go to Target anyday over Walmart but you know from 1998-2005 I did not have access to a Walmart? It wasn’t until I left the beautiful island of Oahu that Target moved into Hawaii. We also didn’t have a Victoria Secrets or Olive Garden while I lived there probably good for my hips and checkbook lol. Anyhow I needed to go to Target for some reason the other day and ended up browsing shopping.  How did I spend my hard earned money you ask?

Todd has been saying since his mother makes our quilts he wants high quality sheets. I love jersey sheets but Todd wanted me to spend the big bucks. I went with 600 count vs the 800 count because of color choice. My sweet husband put away our Christmas quilt and sheets when I was at work and I came home to a ready made turned down bed aka as heaven after a 12 hour night shift. Slipping into this bed felt like slicing butter, so smooth and soft.

So my name is Anna and I am addicted to kitchenware!! I love it LOVE LOVE it! I don’t know why, its not like I am a great cook or baker I just love kitchen stuff AND clearance! woot woot! I bought two of these cute ramekins. I have great ideas for individual pot pies and breakfast meals.

Since the kitchenware is next to the refrigerator aisle I peeked in to see what yogplait 2 point WW greek yogurts were available so I could use my coupon from the back of WW weekly newsletter and saw these for 2 points each as well. MMMM can’t pass up chocolate chunks. I came home and immediately ate the coffee one, well I prefer to drink my coffee vs eating coffee flavored yogurt but the chocolate chunks were amazing. I ate the pineapple caramel one at work and it was just ok, nothing to call home about. I think I’ll stick to Yoplait 2 point greek yogurt which I can not buy at the commissary just yet.

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