Sunday, January 13, 2013

Biggest Loser

Do you watch it? I do, my friend Jen (who know lives in Texas) introduced me to the show and i was instantly addicted. I would watch each season as these women who weighed a lot more than me would shrink down PASSED my goal weight. Each season I would think oh I can weigh the same as them at finale (since I already weighed less than them). Each season I would see that huge scale start showing their weights less than mine and my dream of reaching my goal weight with them go out the window. Once again I am watching the new season, I really do love Jillian Michaels. Anyhow if you are watching this season you can see how Bob Harper set up his gym area as a crossfit box. It brought me to thinking about my crossfit attempt.

I mean seriously who does not have dreams of looking like this and being about to do these moves??!!?!?! I did, I really wanted to love crossfit! I went to three boxes to find the one that fit me and Todd and I really loved Outlier. It is family friendly, military background, great schedule, etc. I went for about two months but learned I had a huge anxiety about not being as strong, as fast, or as fearless. I mean crossfit is truly scary! I know it is a great workout, I hope to be able to join another box and overcome my issues with anxiety.   

By the way, Jen and I were making our video to send in for the Biggest Loser audition. We thought we would rock the show. She was a marine and I was a sailor so we thought we could take getting screamed at by Jiliian. Unfortunately our friendship had a small hiccup and we didn’t reconcile for a long time or send in our video. I am grateful to have her as my friend. I still think J.M. would have kicked my ass and made me cry! 

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