Monday, January 7, 2013


So yes I have been MIA, no I didn’t do my running streak and sadly I have a running injury!  I have plantar fascitis and it totally sucks!!!! I am going to have to give my foot some really good rest before picking up running again.

The new year has started and I made a couple goals for myself. 1- decrease debt not increase it, the goal is no credit card usage 2- to get to 175 lbs by new years eve 2013.  3- to run Women’s half marathon in Petersburg, FL in less than 2:30. 4- read the bible entirely.

I hope to keep my blog up to date more as well :) As far as family life goes, this weekend we drove up to LA so Todd could get in his CA half towards our goal of running in all 50 states. I signed him up for one we could go both go to and I also thought we were moving this month so we needed to have it early in the month. He got to run in Dodgers Stadium but he said it had about 4 miles of hills. I think he wasn’t very happy with me for picking him a half to run :)

Todd has mentioned he is kinda bummed I stopped eating paleo because he really wants to eat that way when he finally goes to shore duty so maybe I will pick it back up but for now it is Weight Watchers for me! Weigh ins are with a bunch of girls in my housing area on Wednesdays so i will start updating wi results.

Workout today consisted of 1 hr recumbent bike.
Happy New Year everyone, let’s make 2013 a great year!

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