Saturday, January 12, 2013


Am I finally getting my head out of my arse and getting back in the game plan? I think so! I have been tracking Weight Watcher points this week and staying in range. I also worked out FOUR days in a row!!! I have started back slowly. Day 1 was an hour on the recument bike, days 2 I hit up Low Impact with Torri (she does ww with me and our husbands work together) and the 3rd day we did water aerboics.  We of course were the youngest in low impact and water aerobics but i hope to be that fit when I am their ages.

Then came the lazy day...what do you do when you just don't want to gather the kids up and drive to the gym? I can tell you what I did! I set my timer on my iphone to 30 mins and hit my stairs in my house, up and down up and down at the top, I did different exercise at the top and the bottom! Whew let me tell you after 10 mins I was over that and wished I had just went to the gym lol!

The rest of this week I plan to work on more water, water, water.


  1. That's awesome to use your steps at home that way! Congrats on having a great week. :)

  2. aww, you said my name!! Now I'm famous!