Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The funk

So lately I have let life get to me. I normally am the happy go lucky person but lately I just let the messy house, weight gain, husband gone again, kids not listening crap get to me. But I think I am coming out of it, I feel alot happier today and hit the gym for a little over an hour. I did a mile run, spin class, some thigh exercises, stretching, and situps. I have ate pretty awesome so far today, but i don't normally have a problem with my morning times, its midday that i cave and eat bad things. But I made an awesome smoothie today!!! I threw some ice, 1 cup milk, 1 banana, 2 T of PB2 (powdered PB), and 1 scoop protein mix YUMMIE!!!! also today is Day #3 of no eating out ( i want to make it 30 days before I eat out, the rule is I am allowed to drink so tea, coffee, diet soda, a light beer BUT no food) And today is day #2 of electronics being taken away from our children!!! eeekk LOL! Well heres hoping to some sunshine in my life and some weight loss!

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