Friday, February 5, 2010

rain rain go away!

So tomorrow is a scheduled 6 mile on/off trail run starting at Morley Field...I don't know if i want to do that in the rain. So I was going to try out a kettlebell basics class tonight but due to the gym not having the correct schedule up it was an advanced class. So spin it was, sweat galore! Then subway for dinner yum! so a bit better than I have been being. So recently I was told that the gym is only like 20% of your wt loss and then genetics has a part but diet is the majority way of how to lose weight. So I have been in a rut I didnt get the new years resolution workout ummpphhh like most people so its not that i lost it! But I have to pull my head out of my butt and get this under control before it gets to be alot to lose instead of just 20lbs. I tried to get taped for my body fat by the Navy today but the recruiters weren't in and the marines stated that they didn't have a female to measure like hmmm weird damn pc rules! So not that I have ate overly bad but once again im stating that tomorrow i will do better!

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