Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wow why is this so damn hard?

Is it because it's girl scout cookie time, but i seem to OD on cookies and at $4 a box its hurting my budget and my figure!!! Besides that I tried a rainbow roll for the first time yesterday it was great. I also wore my running skirt w/built in compression shorts yesterday, it was hella cute! Did gravity class on base, that class is amazing! I can't wait to see results. I applied for a MA position at a fertility center today, I really hope I get the job. It will give me the experience I need to get RN positions at planned parenthood. Anyhow so onto this damn weight thing. I weighed in at 181 yesterday, skipped the gym today, and ate at the broken yoke then OD'd on girl scout cookies and said that was my lunch, and going to extraordinary desserts tonight. So once again I am stating that tomorrow I will count my calories and be good. Sometimes I think ugh whatever I will just like my size, but I don't as much as a try to tell myself that I should be happy this size. And the weird thing is healthy food tastes good so why do I eat the unhealthy foods and say its a treat, well treats are not meant for everyday of the week! So blah tonight will be tea and tart and hopefully tomorrow starts out fresh...but since I have said that everyday this week we shall see.. I just wish I could get back in the groove of things!

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