Monday, February 1, 2010

Haircut and new jeans!

So why does it seem that anything that looks good on us is hella expensive? So I just became the owner of my most expensive pair of jeans in my life!!! $99 for ONE pair of jeans, but guess what my ass looks great in them! And if i dont gain weight they will last for 5 least that is what other Lucky owners tell me. Then I got my haircut and colored today, i have bangs, OMG its been YEARS since I had bangs. Oh but my blog is supposed to be about me losing weight. Well I think I suck at losing weight...I went to the gym so i could run for 30 mins then hit a low impact aerobics class. I ran into a girl from my Kaplan review course and we chatted during my whole scheduled run time. But man i sure got sweaty during that class today! Tomorrow is gravity class after a run, maybe on the track w/my garmin, love that thing! as far as today goes well i had to eat out because I was waiting for the ONE girl to cut my hair, but she does it and i like it so dont want to mess with that. Now just to get used to the cut! I'll post pics later, they are on my cell for now. or on my facebook if you are on there w/me! I made ice cream cone cupcakes too cute but then i ate two so blah. well its getting late and i need to get to bed so my fat cells can shrink or something like that. And hopefully tomorrow my resolve will be better, but having sushi w/the girls before our mandatory orientation! Miss my nursing buddies!

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