Saturday, February 6, 2010

trail running and the evil scale!

So before I get to tell everyone, skull candy earbuds ROCK!!! ok whew I keep meaning to post that! you can get them at target, santa brought mine along with the sockguy sock monkey socks i rocked on my grueling 6 mile trail run through Balboa Park. Man it sucked and I thought of my blog and what I would say and what I should change, since I keep getting reminded that the reason I am not losing weight is because of my DIET!!! blah! why does food have to be such an evil thing, why can't i love to eat clean or unprocessed foods, so starting tomorrow I will post what I eat daily! maybe knowing that the whole world can come see what I am eating will remind me each time I wander into my kitchen to stay focused! Today was good though I went to a bday party and did not eat any pizza or cake! score! I was suppose to go out to Hooters tonight but I can not trust myself around food right now, and I need to control this, I think my ass or legs are getting fatter. I want to start eating cleaner, not all the way just more veggies and fruits and lean proteins. So my scale....I weigh myself everyday more than once usually, which I have read is a sign of an eating disorder. I don't think there is anything wrong in weighing daily though! But I'd like to see those numbers going as Dee says i shouldn't wait till tomorrow because tomorrow never comes....
breakfast-oatmeal (homemade quick oats) w/flaxseed meal, brown sugar, walnuts, and cranberries
snack-greek yogurt w/frozen blueberries and splenda
lunch-veggies w/some dip, fruit, and 6in subway veggie delight on honey oat
snack-fake baked pear and apple then a banana
dinner-going to make a pbj w/natural pb and on ww bread! then head to an adult only toy party!!!

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