Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting off the bench!

I feel like I have been working nonstop which puts a damper on me hitting the gym just because I am so tired after a 12 hour night shift and need to fall asleep and get good quality sleep during the day to tide me over for another night shift. Last week I worked tue, wed, thur and I walked up all 7 flights of stairs on the way to work! It is a feat, by the time I hit the 5th floor I am breathing heavy and sweating. When I get to my floor I have to stand outside and try to control my breathing in case anyone is on the other side of the door lol.

Today I did something I have been wanting to try for awhile. I did zumba followed by body pump class. I liked the body pump class better than other ones I have taken because it was straight weights no cardio mixed in. It was one muscle group during a song before it went to another one. There is a shoulder workout that I am going to add into my arm routine when I do my own thing. It was killing me with just 2.5 lbs. it was the goal post type arm workout if you have ever done those. OUCHIE!

Friday was my only night off (I went back sat and sun) and I had taken the day off in hopes to run a half marathon with my friend Jody. I still can not run due to my right foot having plantar fasciitis. It just isn’t healing.  I need to really start working on fixing it. My plan is to not run until we get to GA next month and then start up couch to 5k. I also would love to start a Sole Sister running group in Kingsland because I have only found one running group in the area so far. I did my best when I trained with a running group. Anyhow I didn’t run but I did get up early to head to the half to cheer on my friend. It was her 35th bday and her first half. She set a goal of 2:30 and did amazing!!!! She started struggling at mile 9 and I told her it was the mental game that she had this in the bag! I started walking towards her and found her around mile 12 and ran the last mile with her. Come to find out she is the 5th person I have inspired to run a half that I know of!!!! How cool, now if I can inspire my 15 yr old daughter to run one with me I would be in heaven.
 My amazing artistic husband making posters for me to cheer on the runners and Jody!
  Doesn’t she look amazing for just running her first half?!? She is already searching out her next one!

If anyone knows of any super cool races near Kingsland, GA/Jacksonville, FL let me know. I also need tips on how to start a running group!

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