Sunday, February 17, 2013

Moving is stressful!

I am trying my hardest to not gain weight while moving! How many of have you moved? Our move consists of moving from one coast to the other, 2 cars, 4 kids, 2 dogs (half the way) and 1 cat. OMG stress! On top of that I have 7 shifts left at work then I am officially unemployed and job seeking. I am hoping my phone interview that is awaiting an in person interview pans out and I will be gainfully employed again soon.

How do you deal with stress? I tend to have even less patience than normal, yell more, and eat more. I am no fun to be around, at least that is what Todd tells me. What I should be doing is working out more, which my next post will include an update on my foot!!!

But for now I am day dreaming of few things:

                               Will be sporting this 11-24-13 Who wants to meet me in Florida????

Home is Where the Navy sends us <3>

Fit Bit Flex Wristband Coming in Spring 2013!

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