Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New food finds and relaxing!

So on the quest of trying to find foods that fill me up and taste great that fit in a caloric budget I want can be hard. As I was getting cream of mushroom soup for shepard's pie I saw this amazing soup. I bulked it up by serving in on top of spaghetti squash AMAZING!

My upcoming move is causing my stress levels to skyrocket so I treated myself to a pedi yesterday! It was much needed since I had only 3 of the 10 nails with red paint left on them.  Now they are super cute with a nice purple on them! 

Yesterday I was a complete bitch to everyone because I was tracking 100% everything I put in my mouth and my body brain was not happy with limiting food intake. As I cooked dinner and was extra snacking I threw some tea in the microwave for 90 secs to help curb the urge to pop food in my mouth! This is really yummy and who doesn't love the little sayings (it is why I buy this brand LOL, yes I pay for little cute sayings!) Hey least I can save $2 next time lol. What do you do to relax? What techniques helps you when you just want to stuff your face? 

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