Monday, March 25, 2013

Body Revolution Day 1 and News!

Now that we are in Georgia school drop off for the younger two is 710 so we have the house kidless by 730. That meant Body Revolution attempt 2 (we started the meal plan last week before I got hit with the stomach bug) commenced. I did it along side Todd, which normally I hate working out with my sexy husband because I feel embarrassed. Today I just concentrated on finishing, it wasn't bad but I have a feeling it gets worse! Then we had bfast and lounged around.

A great thing about my move to Georgia is I have met people via facebook who are into fitness. I was invited to spin today by a lady who is 36 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins.  Yes um can I be her? Anyhow we extended the invite to the girl who totally hooked me up with my awesome new job. oh ya I haven't filled you guys in on that have I? So there was a row of nurses in spin today too! Spin Class was 45 mins long and I made it through whew!

So day 1 of Body revolution calls for two workouts we skipped cardio since I did spin and my husband ran 13.57 miles (without water or fuel, he is crazy amazing!) We followed meal plan to a T! I ate 1140 calories and burned 785 today! woot woot my fitness pal (annakay76) is mad at me but hey it'll be alright. I have drank 2 liters of a water today or maybe more, tomorrow we will look for a water machine to fill our gallon jugs so we can start the one gallon of water a day challenge again!

Ready for the BIG NEWS??

Is that not a beautiful view? Well I will be enjoying that view on April 14th! Why oh because I haven't ran a half since January 2012 when Todd and I ran Rock n Roll Phoenix!

Yes I signed up to run/walk the Iron Girl Half in Clearwater, Florida! I am excited, I know I haven't properly trained but my foot is finally feeling better (it gets a bit tender/achy after a run), and I will be using Jeff Galloway's run walk run method at a 1:1 ratio.  So even if I am not 100% ready this view and the mini vaca we are going to make out of it is sooooo worth it! If anyone wants to meet up and enjoy this amazing race here click here!

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