Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hump day!

So excited that the week is halfway over! It also marks 4 days in a row I have worked out! Heck ya! Maybe my gym rat self is coming back! I mean it does help one of few ladies I have met here is going to be 37 weeks pregnant with twins tomorrow and hits the gym 6-7 days a week. MOTIVATION for my none pregnant self!

I finished W1D2 of C210K today! It is the 60 sec run alternated with 90 sec walking, there are 8 rounds of that with a 5 min warm up & cool down. On round 4 I decided to start at my normal 5.5 and every 10 secs up it .1 mph, it made the minute go by faster, I might do that again Friday when I run day 3.  We did Body Revolution(BR) work out, I made the assigned bfast it was amazing. It was eggs, spinach, red onion, and salmon so good! Then I met my friend who introduced me to another gym rat and we did spin. Between the 3 workouts I burned 1250 calories today! Speaking of calories here is what our side dish looked like from BR kickstart plan!

I don’t know if I mentioned before but Todd announced he is going to run a marathon! Did I mention he is crazy and twice in the past month he has started a run and ran his own half marathon? Without water or any fuel, drives me crazy when he does that. But today he only ran 4 miles and he saw a “friend”...
Yes he saw this! An alligator!!! Because we live in this now!

Pepper, I don’t think we are in San Diego anymore! Just a small amount of culture shock for our California family here in Georgia. So far we are still loving it, but have not had to deal with the gnats or humidity yet. Also I am worried will an alligator eat my little Pepper dog (our weiner dog)? 

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