Friday, March 22, 2013

We made it to GA!

Whew that road trip was horrible!!!! Two of the kids puked all over my husband’s car the other one ended up puking at my Grandma’s house. Todd got a flat before even making it to where I was in Arizona and I ended up with a bad coil before four corners which cost us $1200 of work at firestone and less time visiting with his mom. Oh and while the car was getting repaired I kept the older kids with me while Todd took the younger kids to his moms and my son threw away his cell phone on accident. We only left behind a pair of my daughter’s shoes (that needed replaced), a vest, and a dog bowl. Not bad at all!!!

We have officially been in our new home for one week. We live in Saint Marys, GA, we are like 5 miles at the most from Florida. We were warned about the bugs and humidity but no one told us about the beauty of this place. It is like we live in the woods. I have been trying to walk my dog, Pepper, at night and we see deer. It is so amazing!
                                               (this is the bike path to the elementary school!)

Ok on to my weight, it is a disaster! After one week of traveling my scale took a huge jump! I mean huge, it has started coming down. On Monday we started the diet (not the workout) of Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution. Tuesday after breakfast I became ill, I just started feeling better today. I guess I got the kids’ stomach bug, it was horrible!

Today I started telling Todd how I am so upset with myself.  Three of my favorite bloggers are in size 4 and 6 jeans yet I can not keep a regiment down past lunch, it is very discouraging. He asked why am I letting what should be motivational blogs get me down, I said I didn’t know why. I talked to him about how I can’t say the exact day I decided I would start running because well I started running over 18 yrs ago when I decided to join the Navy and needed to lose 12 lbs.  I told him I get so discouraged when my pace is so much slower, I have a hard time running miles I have ran before, etc. He had a great idea, I need a re-do, a new start day! So starting next week I will begin couch to 10K and be proud of every single step I take towards becoming a runner again!

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