Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and Exciting News!

Happy Easter everyone! This year my son, William, who lives in Virginia now was able to come out for spring break so we have all FIVE kids here! Of course with teenagers the kids all stagger awake, some up at 7 and others we have to drag out of bed at noon. Kinda jealous, wish I could sleep till noon. Easter is one of our favorite holidays! We love to decorate the eggs! I usually boil a dozen per kid. This year I did 3- 18 packs though.

Yesterday was my first meetup with the facebook running group I started. My friend Sonia whom I haven’t seen since 2005 when we moved from Hawaii showed up and a local neighbor. There was a total of 5 of us (the other two being my husband and son). The guys set off and did an in and out to the river and back for a total of 6 miles and the girls did a run/walk/run method for 3.1 miles. It was super fun to catch up and burn calories at the same time! We hope to see our group grow and to make it a weekly meetup.

Since I am in a new town and have had great success with networking through facebook I thought I would look at that little tab that suggest groups that I should join. One caught my interest called Jacksonville moms run this town. I was like hmm I will request and ad and see if it a group that is good for me. Once I was approved I started reading some of the posts and there are alot of runners and looks like nurses in the group so I was happy.  One of the posts was for a last call to complete a ragnar team. My heart started racing as I quickly replied asking what pace they needed etc. I emailed the point of contact and asked if it was a co-ed team and if so my husband would love to join as well. I am happy and frightened all at the same time, but yes we have paid and are officially headed to our first Ragnar Relay!!!! Thankfully I have 10 months to train and get my pace needed, and since Todd is such a great runner I get to “borrow” some of his leftover pace lol! We will be runners 5 & 6 which means we will be in the same van. Super excited!!! We can not wait to watch the documentary From Fat to Finish Line. I highly recommend checking them out, they are amazing and help keep me motivated.


  1. Yay! So glad you saw the post and are joining the team!! It's going to be a blast! We'll start some team training runs & dinners soon!