Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend in Review

Friday night I took the girls to see Cats performed by the local high school and it was amazing! I think Berkley (8 yrs old) is still too young for a 3 hr musical though and fell asleep in my lap. The talent in this little town is beyond amazing. I was glad to move here in time to see their spring musical! I can not wait to see next years.

Saturday we had plans to go to the beach. I came home from walking the dog and my daughter is like it is supposed to rain at 11, I was no it is so nice out. Then came the downpour. At midnight it was a huge thunderstorm with lightening. We spent our night playing clue and monopoly. I also started reading a book. Kinda boring night eat eating fancy cheese, I had bought gouda, havati, a cheese spread, and a triple pepper cheddar.

The highlight of my weekend! Recall I wanted to start a running group when I got here. Well I don’t know my work schedule yet so I decided I would start a facebook group just so we could connect as runners! There are already 40 members!

We had plans to go to a church today that was recommended to us but it was still raining pretty hard so I met two women at the gym today! It was my first workout here and my fresh start to running! I completed W1D1 of my couch to 10k program. Then to continue social hour I stayed on the treadmill longer! Got a great burn in!

I leave you guys with this question: Do I run/walk this? Right now I am seeing if there is a spot for me in a car, I will rent my own hotel room since I don’t know any of the ladies yet and I snore (ugh why do I snore so loud?).

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