Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Diet Bet and being completely honest!

Recently at spin class I was introduced to another woman who frequents the gyms and she mentioned joining a diet bet game that had a $50 buy in. I told her I was interested in diet bet but not a $50 buy in to let me know if she was going to to start her own game with a lower buy in. Within the week we friended each other on facebook and she started a diet bet game! Official weigh ins started Friday the 5th and the game started the 7th. If you aren’t familiar with how diet bet works you can read all about it here. Basically you pay the fee to join, the computer takes care of everything, two days before the game starts you are prompted to send in your pics. You are required to send in two pictures, a full body pic (dressed of course) on your scale and a pic of the read out (preferably digital). 

I have been completely avoiding bringing up what I weigh and staying away from weekly weigh in posts because, well I am embarrassed of how far I left myself go. But today I will be completely honest and keep myself accountable! 
                   Yes my bathroom is that tiny, my son stood in my shower and took my pic for me!
sigh. I recall being 191.6 on my daughter’s bday August 20th.  Well no where to go but down from here right? I am officially on week 3 of my couch to 10k program and have started honestly counting my calories on mfp again! And a huge pat of my back I resisted the food spread at my orientation for bfast yesterday, lunch yesterday, cookies in the afternoon, and bfast today! I packed my own lunch and two snacks and water and that is what I had! It was super super hard to resist the cheese! Hubby is researching paleo recipes so we may switch back here soon! 

                    Anyone done a diet bet game? Eating paleo, have an amazing recipe to share? 


  1. Good luck, Anna! You are such an inspiration. I loved MyFitnessPal, but stopped using it when I got to a point I intuitively knew how many calories I needed/was eating. I still refer to it from time to time though. I also used it in conjunction with SparkRecipes.com, where I would enter the ingredients for a recipe I was making to find out the nutrients, and them transfer that data over to MFP so i would have a better idea of my actual calories. So awesome!

  2. You are an inspiration.. I need to get that drive back and go for it.. i keep hoping the weight will disappear like it has before. however im hitting 40 and it does not go away with out diligence and hard work.. thanks for inspiring me if you can do it so can i.. next time you do your bet let me know...

  3. What's your mfp so we can link up? I could use some motivation there too! I make breakfast for the week in advance (paleo) of scrambled eggs & sausage & pre-portion it into microwaveable containers. This keeps me on track first thing in the morning.

    In fact, we're crazy and almost always do all our cooking for the week on Sunday so we have no excuses during the week. Just reheat and go! You can check out some of the meals I've tried here: http://www.starpulp.com/once-a-week-meals/