Monday, March 5, 2012


I got into a TRX class!!!! Woot Woot and about 15 mins in I thought WTH, why was I trying so hard to get in a class to torture myself. And I had to look at my form in the mirror and next to me was an amazingly fit, beautiful woman! Boo hahaha jk she was sweating and working her little behind off too! The class has only 12 set ups and I got the 11th card. The cards are given out 30 mins prior to class, so after I scored my card I checked my kids into the Y daycare and then hit the elliptical and did a mile in 10 mins! woohoo. Man I was sweating so much in the class my knees were dripping sweat!

Heres a pic of what TRX looks like for those who are wondering what I am talking about!

So tomorrow I start my new unit, a cardiac PCU. I will be on day shift for 2 weeks. This stresses me out a little because I will be at work from 7am to 730 pm! Holy moly that is like my entire day of eating at work! I have my lunch/snacks set out for tomorrow, made the kids a pumpkin french toast bake I can throw in the oven when I get up, prepared meat for tue/wed night dinners, and set up my treadmill. Now I think I will settle in my bed with a glass of wine and rest up for tomorrow! 

I will go back to TRX because I really want to get some strength training in!

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