Thursday, March 1, 2012

ouch those muscles hurt!

So back when I didn't work and didn't have to juggle work/kids/duty days for the man and all my kids were in school I used to go to gravity classes at 32nd st gym. Well I haven't been in oh like I don't know 2 years and went back today. OUCH. I think this is great for anyone who thinks they are amazingly strong and may need humbled. You basically use your own body weight which I wanted to scream out UM hello I am over 200 lbs but ya I just groaned, sweated, and miserably did the exercises LOL. So I am sure you are asking what is gravity so I am adding a pic in for you! Oh and lost 1.2 this week at WW. But then the blow of having to make meals in recipe builder to get an accurate point count came up! Darnit! My lunch would have cost me 5 points but really cost 9!!! BOOOO, but that may be the change I need to see some poundage drop. I have been envious of seeing my friends numbers drop quicker than mine, I know I shouldn't but I do!!! I mean who doesn't secretly envy there friends when there pounds are melting off and yours seem to have a vise grip to your ribs and tailbone!!!

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