Friday, March 9, 2012

whew, is it really time for the weekend?

So I have been a nurse for like 20 months now and have only worked nights, with starting a new unit I need to orient on days. HOLY MOLY! On nights we work alot too and have to stay awake but wow on days I am calling doctors (like lots of doctors, so many that I gave lung info to the kidney doc and he was like wth, OPPS!), getting all meals (b,l,d) to my patients, talking to their families, coordinating with pt, ot, st, discharging pts oh the list goes on and on. The first two shifts I didn't pee for like 14 hours, I left the house at 615 and peed after 8 pm when I got home! I had to pee twice on my third shift. Let me just say I am so excited I have the weekend off!!!!!  My plans are to run in the am, help a friend move, church, spend time with my family, a hike up cowles and hopefully hit the road on the back of my hubby's harley!

Oh on to the good news! I lost again this week and have FINALLY F-I-N-A-L-L-Y hit my TEN pound star for weight watchers, I joined Dec 7th and really did not think it would take me 3 months to lose ten damn pounds! I really really should get my thyroid checked. Well now that I have caught up on reading my blog list, facebook, and emails I will start on the laundry and dishes that have accumulated since Tuesday morning!

Enjoy your weekend make the most of it!!!


  1. Way to go on the 10 pounds girl! Nurses are amazing, you rock!

  2. WhooHoo 10 pounds!!! That's awesome, you are my hero.