Friday, March 16, 2012


Ok so I totally suck at Zumba, like um ya white girl got no rhythm and you are trying to make me shake my booty with ZERO alcohol involved. But like any exercise if you have great music and can laugh at yourself it will still be fun. I did not sweat as much as I did in spin thursday but who doesn't like to be in a big ol basketball court full of people of ALL ages shaking it!

No long run for me tomorrow :( I have to work BOOO HISS lol it is ok I do love being a nurse, I should I busted my ass, spent TONS of $$$, and used all my friends to help babysit my kids! on that note, back to reading NRP (neonatal resuscitation) book for my Wednesday class where I will demonstrate my mad skills that I hope to never have to use! Note to all those who are still having kids, my textbook says only 1% of births need extreme measures! whew

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