Friday, September 13, 2013


I am overall a very happy go lucky person but I have noticed since I moved and have just a few friends that I seem to fall into having the blues.  I have debated back and forth about going to the doctor for a mild antidepressant but then I usually hit the gym and guess what I am all smiles again. With that knowledge you would think that I would hit the gym on a regular basis but I don’t FAIL! I am really struggling with working 3 night shifts straight and then wanting to get back to the gym. I just feel so tired and lazy. Tomorrow is running group so hopefully I can start getting back into some type of routine, I do not like what I see in pictures taken of me.

On to other news my son took his behind the wheel test today! He passed and due to some rules in GA he will get it on his 17th bday which is in 13 days! I can’t believe at the end of this year Todd and I have 3 kids old enough to drive!

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