Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon

Well I did it...enough said lol jk. It was HOT and HUMID and the race started at 7am, I really wish it could have started at 630, sunrise was 635 why not? I did most of the race at 1:1 intervals. I finished in 3:04:09 which was my “C” goal, but hey I did it and have major room to improve. My amazing husband ran it in 1:50:09 a PR for him! Up next is the Marine Corps Half Marathon in Jacksonville, FL Oct 5th! I hope it is cooler and less humid! By the way that was state #6 for me!

Sadly someone did pass away, he was down at mile 1, Todd passed him while he was getting CPR. Very scary! Prayers to his family and to the runners who were traumatized as well.

I know I haven’t been the best blogger, which should give you all a heads up that the scale isn’t moving in the right direction either. I have been deciding between rejoining Weight Watchers or just staying with my fitness pal. I think i am staying with MFP because I really like the way it scans so much better. I am trying to refind the success I have had before and what is missing now. I have decided I will have Todd start tracking my weight and that may be motivating. So Wednesday Weigh ins start tomorrow. Since I work nights, I will weigh in the afternoon before work just like if I worked days and got up for work. I will be making some changes to my blog here soon, so if you are still will me THANKS!

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