Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Long Run

11 miles in the books today!!! Our 30sec/30sec coach has a knee injury so her husband (my 1:1 coach) led both groups in a 30/30 pace. That ratio is nice because 30 seconds goes by fast! What is not nice is this heat and humidity! After we finished our run I was shocked to see Todd not waiting for me, since he is Mr. Fast Pants. He ran with the other runners who were doing a virtual half marathon. So two weekends in a row he ran a half! Show Off Amazing Stuff!
                   (On our way home)

Normally on the way home we stop at Target but we are trying to stop shopping so much. I felt nauseaous which helped me avoid a Starbucks run as well. I napped on the way home, it was great! I decided that I should get a small treat, I am counting calories honestly so I got something I could be accountable with. I tried a Campbell’s Slow Kettle soup, not bad.

I have made my first change to my blog as I said you’d see coming! I changed the name. I have been toying with the idea of going back in the military. My goal was always to be a military nurse. There are some things I miss about the military and obviously things I do not miss. Todd has just under 6 years left in till he is eligible to retire, so I may go in once he is out to keep our home environment stable. But as of right now I am 50 lbs over weight standards, so I have time to think about it while I watch the scale go down!

 In the next half hour my soon to be 16 yr old is having a guy come over to meet us before they go out bowling. We decided that in order for our children to go out, we have to meet them first. This may be interesting :)

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