Friday, September 6, 2013

Three night shifts done!

As a nurse I only work three 12 hour shifts a week, but sometimes it feels like all I do is work. During nursing school I lost 100 lbs after having twins (as a surrogate) then quickly gained back 40 lbs my first year as a night shift nurse, last month I hit my 3rd year as a night shift nurse and I still am weighing over 200 lbs and it really stinks.

This week I ran a half Sunday, traveled home Monday, ran 30 mins and did some weights Tuesday, and then worked t-th bringing me to today. After watching breaking bad I feel asleep on the couch and woke up a few times and thought I'd share what I saw!

After napping off and on, I started reviewing my week and deciding if I needed to run today. According to my Galloway group if you do two 30-40 min runs during the week the long runs on Saturday will be easier. As I decided to skip my run tonight in preparation for 11 miles in the morning I receive a text from the hubsters. I still haven't decided where he is sleeping tonight :)

So if any one has advice on how to work 3 nights straight, commute 45 mins each way, raise 5 kids, and find time to work out more and eat less PLEASE share!!! I've requested to work 2 nights in a row and another night each week so maybe I can hit the road/gym 4-5 times a week! Well time to hit the sack 5am comes early!

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