Wednesday, February 29, 2012

something from before

So I totally forgot to buy the 5 dozen egg pack at Costco last week and I haven't went yet and as I look at all those veggies in my fridge I really wanted scrambled eggs w/veggies. I kinda worry about not eating something I really want because you know how your brain never gets off that thought! So I started thinking what do I have in the house?  This was on my way home from WW meeting, yep lost 1.2lbs this week woot woot! hmmm couscous and bananas! yep let me go dig up that recipe!

here it goes in case you want couscous for bfast!
1/4 dried couscous
1/2 c milk
 cook in microwave with a lid on the bowl for 2 mins, let it sit for 1 min! ENJOY!

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