Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Wednesday weigh in

Woot woot down 2.4 lbs might have alot to do with spinning tuesday and actually eating pretty well. Oh I have to talk about spinning. UGH I HATED the instructor!!!! well not the instructor herself but how she taught and what she wanted us to do. KEISER bikes are the BOMB! i love them, if you haven't seen them they are great. They show you your RPM and gear so I actually get a good workout. She wanted us going 120 RPM at gear 15 up to 18 um NO hahaha i am barely getting back into it. Kim I thought of you in spin! I did wear my spin shoes, and when you are new to wearing them clipping in is HELL!

newsflash---I skipped carrot cake at small group last night and dessert at school today!

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