Friday, January 27, 2012

Hmph a sorta liquid diet

So I went to my Doctor in November and she promotes Isagenix and it only costs $300 a month, so I was ok sign me up!!!! So the box came in right before I headed to Vegas for a half marathon (which by the way my medal finally came in!!!!) well i sat here debating spending the $300 a month on just myself so I decided ok Anna suck it up LEARN how to control your portions and start hitting the gym or road. So I called and cancelled it and wanted to send back the unopened box. I was told I had to empty all the containers and send them back. So mine as well try it, so finally after this box sitting unopened in my house for 2 months Todd opened and today is DAY ONE of basically a liquid diet. We are doing it together so 2 weeks each instead of 1 month i hope the added support helps me! So we drink shakes and have one meal of 400-600 calories for lunch.

Today's workout plan, step tonight with my daughter at 5! Tomorrow is my first run with WCRR that Todd will be joining!

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