Monday, January 9, 2012

day 3 Jan 9, 2012

so as my day is dwindling down to another work day the last for a week! but I just found out I got in to a class for nurses who want to transition into women's health. So now I will add 2 days of school to my week. I am super excited!!! On the other hand I am like darn now I have to squeeze exercise in at a different time of the day, my goal was 830am classes. I will figure it out because I have a whole wardrobe waiting for me! so on to today's food log.
b- 2 cuties, 1 grapefruit, yellow/red tomatoes
s- while cooking I had a laughing cow cheese and a cup of milk
after work bfast-3 egg whites, 1 egg, 2 t olive oil, brocolli slaw, mushrooms, tomato
since i appeared to be starving I ate a granola bar and a healthy choice ice cream and a piece of bread
got up and had a banana,
dinner- lentil soup with 1/2c greek yogurt
and then since I had more points to eat I had a piece of bread, almonds and a cup of milk.
well folks on to another day! oh and i haven't worked out in 2 days because I need sleep for work and trying to be a mom.

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