Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In!

woot woot can you believe when you do it right it works? TA DA 4.8 lbs, i didn't get to stay for my first 5 lb award because I had to run home and get ready for my maternal nursing courses. well class was supposed to be from 0730-1600 but around 10am I guess someone made a threat to a teacher so we were let out for lunch as the police came to the university. i was going to go out to eat but decided to save money and calories and came home. As I went back I found out that class was canceled for the day and was able to catch up with my gf and headed to balboa park for a 3 mile run (well run/walk) and man the zoo stinks!!! my body is already feeling the rolling hills we did. it felt great to be out there. Like my body is happy I am getting back into losing weight and working out. so anyhow 1-11-12's food log
b-scrambled eggs w/shredded parmesan, veggies, and olive oil with a side of toast.
snack of banana and almonds
lunch-2 veggie burgers topped with lemon hummus vinagrette (highly recommend from Fresh & Easy)
snack-last of the blackberries with laughing cow cheese
was starving while out shopping so grabbed a sesame tofu piece at Whole Foods
snacked while waiting for hubby on a bowl of edamame and a slice of my home made bread.
now he's finally headed home after working 12 hours and we were going to go on a date!!!!
so date consisted of sushi YAY! we each got miso soup, seaweed salad, and shared 3 rolls.
then for the sweet tooth in me we went to rite aide and got circus animal ice cream. now to put the my dinner into ww! night!!! im so tired from my run in the sun today

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