Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday a new week to you?

I always feel Sunday is my new start of a week. I am very excited with the results I am seeing on the scale, Yes I am a daily weigher. So as I said I started the Isagenix that we removed from the empty containers to return. Todd is with me and this is day 3, suprisingly after going to bed with my stomach loudly growling the first night I am not completely starving. I did cheat last night at work, I mean cheese/crackers/salami YUM! My night was a little rough, after a little oppsie one of my rooms looked like a murder scene. I work with an amazing team of nurses and a most awesome CNA who came to my rescue.

So I am watching Tangled with Berk and it's at the part where Rapunzel gets out of her house for the first time. And she is like a bipolar person happy, crying, happy, crying, happy, crying. I am like wow that is how I feel about my weight loss journey. happy sad happy sad happy sad. But it is my choice to be happy or sad, I make the small choices that add up to the big choice of either a gain or a loss, tight pants or slipping back into smaller pants (LUCKY JEANS!!! here I come)

so I am happy to say that as of now I have found that I am conquering the small choices! I can not wait till Wednesday mornings for weigh in!!!

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