Saturday, April 7, 2012

Prepping for Easter

So Todd's duty day was moved so once again our family will celebrate a holiday on a different day! So tonight is our Easter meal. Our family has decided against full fledged fattening traditional meals and go with something we really like but rarely eat ie Christmas we do shrimp (we do eat that somewhat often, but feeding 6 people shrimp does add up) so this year for Easter the kids wanted ribs! Since I want ribs too but don't want to overdue it I am making an amazing bbq spaghetti squash recipe which can be found here.

I am loving MFP and considering buying the fitbit because I like techy stuff. I asked a friend about it and she wears it on her bra, hmmm not sure I like that idea so I will see the other wearable options before I drop $100.

On the note of dropping money, I went on a 2 mile Easter egg scavenger hunt Thursday night and afterwards shopped and got some cute cute tops to motivate me. Tried on one today and dammit my hips are not liking it! But I know it will fit and I will rock it soon! Its a aqua blue top with white polka dots and all strappy!

Exercise front: Went to my initial appointment last night before work at Dream Body Bootcamp. I got a 6 week living social deal for $45, but you know that is just the join our gym for $97 (military discount) a month after your 6 weeks. I was like ya I doubt it, money is the number one reason followed by fear that I have not joined CrossFit. Well today another awesome groupon (I just bunch them all under that name but I am sure it is our newspaper one) for unlimited boxing/kickboxing for one month at $25 popped up. So Todd and I went and checked it out this morning (same thing I did with the bootcamp gym). We really liked the quant gym and I think we are both going to sign up for it! I like some cardiokickboxing classes but this is an actual boxing gym with the bags. I have done a class on base with bags before and hated it but I think an actual boxing gym will give me more direction and I think kick ass smoking gun arms! So beginning of summer I will be boxing with cute pink gloves, Todd said it was a must that I get the cute pink ones!

Now to finish cooking, drink lots of water and hot tea so I don't overeat at dinner, then it is on to Todd's favorite holiday activity coloring of Easter eggs!!!


  1. I would totally love to get into boxing! When I first started working out, I was really interested in adding boxing to my routine, but I don't have a bag and my gym didn't have one either. Maybe I'll just have to have my husband put one in the garage... :)