Monday, April 2, 2012

april already!

wow its already April!!! Great news I weighed in today, normally my meeting is wed 630am but I have to work tonight and tomorrow so I went today, down a lb and made 5% FINALLY!

Just need to report that I ran 1.28 miles to the stairs!! Then did 5 sets of stairs and I counted them so I could let you all know how hard it is to do the stairs! There are 110 stairs whew. My goal was to run back but ya that was not about to happen so I walked the my daughter's high school which is 1/2 mile from the house then finished running home. I did 2.56 in 34:16 not too shabby.  Off to the dentist now, which I really really dislike!!!

Everyone have a great week! I know my kiddos just started spring break! Oh on the note of spring, I saw tons of lizards at the stairs and a bunny on my run!

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