Thursday, April 19, 2012

I should know better...

But we all go through it. On Tuesday afternoon I got the call, you know those calls that seem to usually come at night and you never forget them. My father in law passed away. I seem to always remember the calls. I remember my mother getting the call when her grandpa passed, I was so very young, maybe 5-7 years old. I heard her crying, so sad. I remember everything about the call I received when my sister died. Funny I can't remember the date but the time, what I was doing, everything else. Anyhow on top of still being stressed out about becoming an expert telemonitor reader, the death and arrangements for traveling for my FIL's funeral, and working all night wreaking havoc on my sleep I came home and binged!!! I took out the yummy sugar cookies and started eating, at 160 calories a cookie it really isn't a good thing to do. Anyhow today is just ONE day and I am taking it back! I will eat well on our road trip and try not to eat my grief.

I was supposed to go to bootcamp tonight but I think I am going to take the hubby out on a hike! I need to be close to him. I know I haven't finished fully greiving for my sister, it has been almost 7 years now. I may never recover from her death and burrying another family member just brings all those sad memories of her funeral back :(

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your father in law. You and your hubby are in my prayers...

    ...and enjoy that hike tonight!