Monday, April 30, 2012

Back home and last day of spring break!

Today Todd went back to work and had duty (means he has to stay on the sub for 24 hours and then he works the next day as well ie he left home today and started work at 6am (mon) and will work till they get off Tuesday hopefully by 5pm).  So his alarm, which was some weird jedi star wars sound went off at 450 then mine went off at 5. I had decided since he had to be up so early I should hit the 530am bootcamp class. I went and sweated it out, I will try to get pics of the gym this week. Some of the exercises are more mental than physical for me, like jumping up on to a tire or jumping up on 2 steppers (one for each leg) that are 3 high and squatting before jumping back down. Once back home I put my garmin and ipod on and headed out for a 2 mile run. I need to get back into running!!! I need to crave running and have that desire to run faster with each week of training. Tomorrow I plan on getting all the kids to school and finally going in for my lab work. It is also small group night, which just started back up last week while we were gone. I host it so kinda exciting! I hope everyone had a GREAT day and exercised and completed their food log!

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