Thursday, April 5, 2012

Great day!

Have you heard of the honeymoon stage with weight loss? It is talked about in WW anyhow today was day 1 of MFP (my fitness pal) and I am totally loving the barcode scanner. it is now 11pm and I just did the horrible thing called taxes (finally) and my stomach is growling BUT I know I should be in bed instead of what I am about to do, which is watch NCIS. I ate in my calorie range today and hiked 75 mins this am and ran a 2 mile scavenger hunt at running skirts tonight. Then I spent the extra money I got paid on super super cute tops before I left, oh and 2 new sweatybands (those things really work!)

Off to NCIS dvr for me then bed before I eat!!! Zumba at 8am tomorrow! woot woot
oh MFP name is annakay76 if you want to friend me!

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