Monday, April 16, 2012

back to bootcamp...

So today was my 2nd week of bootcamp classes, I had planned to do 4 last week and I did 2 hmph. I did get alot of work outs in but I paid for 6 weeks of this and I am trying to remember that. I have been having issues with wanting to puke during burpees but today I got up from sleeping around 330 and had a pear, premade dinner and hit the 5pm class. My new toy had me at a 500 calorie burn! YAY

Last week the owner taught the class and today it was the other trainer. I really like that you break up into teams of 4, I hate finding my team though. Once we are making rounds to all the stations that are 1 minute each you have a common bond, to get through the 60 seconds. Sometimes we are grunting through it and sometimes we are cheering each other on. After tonight, I really regretted not making it to all 4 sessions last week.

Tomorrow's challenge is to make it to a class at the Y with the younger two in two since the teens won't be home. Maybe I will hit the machines! Have a great week!

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