Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hiking with new ladies!

I have been trying to meet more fitness minded people to work out with. I am in a couple weight loss groups on Facebook and this morning I asked if anyone wanted to go to Cowles and was invited to join some other submarine wives on Oak Canyon Trail in Mission Trails. It is very pretty, we did get a little lost, had 2 kiddos have peepee breaks in nature, a few falls, and one booboo! Overall we hiked for 2:08 and I burned 470 calories. Here is some of the scenery and me of course! I have done decent with calories today and glad to be back home tracking with my own kitchen. Todd goes back to work tomorrow so we are now lounging watching ridiculousness on MTV ouch!!
(forgive me this is me first time posting pics from my cell in my blog)

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