Friday, April 13, 2012

Honeymoon phase!!!

If you have been on WW you know what I am talking about. The great big weight loss numbers during your honeymoon phase. I have been off and on weight watchers for about 9-10 years now and have NEVER reached my goal weight. I think I have a mental block on my goal weight numbers or something, anyhow not that point today. I am in a San Diego military wives weight loss group and we just entered a 12 week weight loss challenge. We post pics of front and side ( i take back too, um hello bra fat please be gone!) and our starting weights. Alot of the girls use my fitness pal, so I thought why not try it. Ok I just LOVE the bar scanner, it makes tracking so much easier! Oh and a bonus feature is by the end of the day when you close out your day it tells you "in 5 weeks if you have days like this you will weigh xxx.x AWESOME!!!!) Anyhow I started sometime last week and have lost 5.2 lbs since tracking on MFP! Since last Friday I have lost 2.1 lbs!!!!  I have worked hard for it and really kept up my activity since I have been off this week, and man it feels great to be off work!!!! I go back tomorrow night and haven't looked at next week's schedule but I am on a roll!!!
Recap of this week!
Sun-2 mile run
Tue-bootcamp 630pm
Wed-bootcamp 7am followed by hitting the gym with a gf right after for cardio!
Thur-TRX, paddleboated the kiddies for 30 mins, walk to starbucks and back with hubby and doggie!
Fri-about to hit zumba!!! accidently overslept bootcamp but my body is sore from head to toe so i am ok with just zumba!

I tried out two new recipes this week; baked oatmeal with strawberries, bananas, and chocolate chips and quinoa mac n cheese. Both are great!!!! Found on pinterest which I am totally doing some tofu in the crockpot later today! YUM this week I will also be trying a mexican quiona from ms skinny crock pot.
Look for me on MFP and let's cheer it other on to a healthier weight and lifestyle! My user id is annakay76
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

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  1. Anna I wish we could have met when I was in San Diego! Sounds like a BUSY and kickass week :)