Monday, May 7, 2012

working and sleeping working and sleeping

I feel that is ALL I am doing!  I worked wed and thur was off friday and then on sat sun mon, I am so ready for tonight to be over!!! I have a really hard time finding time to work out when I am working. Working 12 hour nights, trying to be a mom of 4, a wife, and find time to sleep makes other things fall to the way side. Those things tend to be eating healthy, working out, and time with friends. I don't have a lot to say in my blog today but I feel like I have abandoned it lately! I know it is just because I have been doing the working sleeping working sleeping thing! After tonight I have 8 days off!!! I will be studying for my ESO test. ESO is Emergency Standing Orders which means I will be able to push certain medications until the Code team gets to the room. In between relaxing, studying, I will be working out, eating healthy, enjoying my friends and family. I will also be trying to get back into running and races. This weekend I will be running a 5k to get a nice starting time to start comparing race times.

oh and a May challenge for myself. NO eating out for myself. I feel like I have been eating out a little too much.

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