Monday, May 14, 2012

Run Like A Mother 5k recap

Yep I am at that stage again that running a 5k is a challenge. I set a goal of running it nonstop since I've incorporated Jeff Galloway's run walk run into my runs. On Friday I decided to set a goal for finishing, my pace is slow right now so I set a 35 min goal. On Saturday night, Todd and I decided we would take both girls with us. Sunday the run started at 9, so we left home at 730, it was a 30 mile drive. We got to CSU San Marcos at 830 am, it was sooo cold! We watched the kids 1k finish! Sooo cute! I did the pre run yoga and then lined up with all the moms & daughters! Off we went, I have never been in this campus and had no clue what to expect. Much to my surprise we started down a hill!!!! What? I still didn't know if we were doing an in and out but I was pretty sure we were so I psyched myself up for the return trip up the hill. The first mile I did 10:01 whew then slowed down! There was a few inclines and I just took them slow and steady and concentrated on my breathing. Mike 2 was 11:53 and mile 3 11:25. Overall time was 33:46 but garmin says 3.05 so .05 shy of a true 5k :-/ right before the finish line my daughters were cheering me on with posters they had made :) I had to fight back tears as I collected my carnation and returned my timing chip. I had reached both goals I set out and my husband and daughters were there to cheer me on <3 now to find a June or July race! I also plan to do this one again next year to compare speed!


  1. Wow, I'm really impressed with your pace! I'm kind of slow, so I love seeing how fast people are. :) My first race is in July and I'm hoping for a sub-35 minute race. :) Nice job!

  2. Way to go with your 5K race... I am going to do one (it is on my bucket list).

    Visiting from Mama Laughlin's blog... congrats on your win there!

    Make it a great day!