Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Del Mar Mud Run 2012

After throwing around tons of ideas for names we have a team name!!! Muddy Mayhem I love it and it reminds me of those insurance commercials. Next up is tutu making get together, oh ya after some major gym time working on upper body strength. My trainer tortured me with plank table tops today. Don't know what those are? Neither did I, well it is going from your elbows in plank position to up on your hands. I did 2 sets of ten alternating the hand you lead with followed by 20 secs of a plank. Other news!!!!! Green and pink sequin material was purchased for sparkly skirts for upcoming races! Oh I emptied the rest of my bank account tonight on race fees. I will be running a 5k July 29th called joggin for frogmen and it benefits Navy Seals. My 7 & 9 year I'd will be running that day in the tadpole trot! I signed up myself and the teens for the mud run, hubby will be signed up soon too. Lastly, I signed Todd and I up for the color run. When I replenish my account I will be registering for Carlsbad half, the first race in the triple crown series! I think I'll brace a full in 2013!

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