Monday, May 28, 2012

R.O.C. Race recap

Last Friday night I went to girls night out with a new group of Military wives than the ones I go out with on Thursday nights. During the first stop, which was a pampered chef party the ROC race was brought up and I was offered a chance at a wife's husband's entry because he got hurt at work.I asked her to text me since she wasn't heading out for the rest of the evening which included roller skating followed by a karoeke bar. Right before midnight she said he was going to do it, 645 am I hear my cell and he isn't up to it. So I jumped outta bed and headed over to carpool. Our team consisted of 12 people, 4 ran the 9 am heat and we were in the 10am heat! It was a blast!!!! I highly recommend a team obstacle race if they are in your area!!! We started off being foamed, then monkey bars where I proceeded to fall in the mud put below getting my first battle wound! There was a mini rock wall, road blocks we had to climb over, a small hill we had to use a rope to get up, slip in slide, some barrels over 4ft water we had to run over, then a rope thing you walked on while holding a rope over your head, tire run, and more ending with a huge waterside!!!!!!  Check out the map here!!! Next year I am having my teen daughter run in my team! I want her to know fitness can be fun!!! Now onto our favorite part of blogs!!!

Finished!!!! Don't I look marvelous!
Time to get out of wet clothes! Yes in the parking lot I changed

OUCH battle wound survey!

Time to rock the day! Successfully changed in the parking lot!

got stuck in the mud!
Never even felt this happen!

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