Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cowles Mountain Solo Hike

Every since I got my HRM I have been dying to go hike Cowles to see the calorie burn.  I have been needing to go get a fasting blood draw since mid Nov and finally decided to do it. Which I also forgot to tell you guys I had to go get my cavity filled yesterday UGH I hate the dentist. I get in the chair and after 45 mins of hell he tells me that he took out the old filling and put a new one in and the first dentist did some whacky job. So anyhow I had decided to skip an early workout today to finally get this lab draw done. I put the kids in school YAY for spring break being O-V-E-R and made a 10am lab appointment. I then came back home and watched an episode of Eureka on netflix (which by the way is addicting!!) I got to my appointment and it was quick and I had my chia enhanced juice, string cheese, and tuna pack and drove over to Cowles. I made it up and down in 1 hr 20 mins (kinda slower for me but not too bad) I took some pics to show you how it looks on and of my booboo, on the way down I slipped on a step and fell. Chunk of my finger came off and i was bleeding (typing actually hurts) and skinned my calf. Anyhow if you live in San Diego I highly recommend hiking Cowles, even if you have to work your way to the top. There is 1/4 mile markers all the way up! I was also greatful that it was overcast today it made for a great hike!
 This is a view of a bit of the path, it is rocky and you have to be careful with the ankles!
 Sweaty but at the top!
 My ouchie, if you can see the redness on my calf. I basically sanded off a small area opps!
 the view from the first few minutes, you can see people in all areas of the hike from the switch backs.
 The "unwritten law" you have to touch the sign when you get to the top!
This is one part of San Diego from the top! This is the side looking at Lake Murray, Cowles Mountain is 1541ft up and the tallest peak of the Mission Trails.

I highly recommend this hike, all you need is normal workout clothes, water, and if you have them trail or hiking shoes (many people wear regular tennis shoes).  Hikers of all ages are there from the babies in carriers to older people, skinny to obese, etc. I even saw a lady breastfeeding her baby on a rock today. Oh and it is dog friendly with water bowls at the top. I am up for a hike anytime (when I am off) so hit me up! oh and the calorie burn for 80 mins= 625 calories!


  1. this post makes me soo homesick!! I used to love this hike :) I actually ended up getting poles for it because of the slippery-ness. Ouch.

  2. That hike looks great! We don't have anything like that around here...just flat lands and sand hills. :/ And that calorie burn is pretty great! :)