Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ok let me hear it!!!!

I need team name suggestions! My team consists of women, men, and kids we are affliated with the military and some of us have battled our weight.  anyhow why oh why do we need team names because YEP here it is!!! Del Mar Mud Run!!!
I can not wait!!! I see a future of tutus, MUD, sweat, laughter, maybe tears and wait for it more MUD!!!!! I am taking my two teens as well, which makes me even more excited to teach them fitness can be F-U-N
and MUDDY!!! oh ya!!! October here I come! Time to work on making my noodles all like some guns for some rope climbing, tunnel crawling, im sure theres some monkey bars in there! Goal is to have Team Name and registration started by Saturday! So save your pennies because this will be some awesome fun all for the cost of $50! $50 bucks MAN that is some dough, yes it is but guess what I just went through the McD drive thru and that was $22 ( i got a salad YUM) so I just need to skip drive thurs and can race and burn some FAT off this arse of mine!!!

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