Friday, May 11, 2012


Not that Friday's really count for me since I work 3 days a week and whatever ones I am assigned. It seems to be such a long week for me, I even messed up the dates for a pampered chef party opps! I thought it was tonight and it is next Friday and I even did an online order. WOW! So great news I passed my EKG test on Wednesday! yay me! now on to bigger and better I have my ESO test on Tuesday. ESO=Emergency standing orders, basically we are able to give certain meds and do certain procedures to help our patients before the MD shows up in a code, which should be a few minutes only. I really hate that cloud of studying that hangs over my head.

Food. I experimented this week with Flat Outs that I bought at Sprouts. Wednesday I made this for lunch.
 Italian Herb Flat out, 1/4c spaghetti sauce, 1/4c shredded cheese, spinach leaves, olives, yellow bell pepper, and hearts of palm.
Finished product. YUM, hubby was home for lunch so we both had one :)

 Thursday I attempted a Mexican version.  I love Mexican food, so I tried 1/4c refried beans, 1/4c enchilada sauce, 1/4c cheese, olives, and half an avocado. Ya the sauce didn't work well it was too runny. I was able to cut it up but it just left a huge mess!
 Now onto Thursday. I pleaded with my husband to get off in time so we could get to the Road Runner Sports for the 2nd Thursday Adventure Run. I have seen the flyers and tshirts in the store and heard about it during my Eggstravaganza I ran with Running Skirts. He got home right after 5 and we changed and got to RRS around 550. I wish we would have got there earlier. There were vendors everywhere, the line to buy our $25 shirts (not required, plus I get 20% off, and you get double raffle tickets). So I had preregistered us so we went in and got out baggie with a pen and paper, beer wristbands (don't forget your id!), and waited for the map display. Right at 6pm they show a huge map, they literally stand on top of a moving truck and roll out this huge map with 12 locations on it. Right then you also receive an email if you preregistered with the map. So I hit start on my Garmin and we headed out. Two groups were in front of us and they each went a different route. I already knew we were in trouble because Todd has no sense of direction and I am a S-L-O-W runner! I don't know about you guys but I get really self conscious running with super fast people who slow down for my snail crawl pace. I think it stems back to my sister's ex bf who complained his calves were hurting since he ran my pace with me once and man I was faster back then!  Anyhow we followed a group until we hit a stoplight and I decided we should run straight instead of follow them and we ended up at the farthest away checkpoint which was about 1.9miles from RRS. We ended up hitting only 4 of the 12 stations but I was okay with that I just wanted to understand how it worked. I have to thank Dee for emailing me the link about the run from San Diego Runner Meetup and Epsi for asking about it on the military weight loss group I am part of. So you run from 6-7 and the raffle starts at 7 and goes till about 8, rumor is they raffle off $5k of stuff from shoes, race entries, blister shield, gym memberships, laser treatments, RRS gift cert, socks, compression sleeves, etc After the raffle is over and you have enjoyed the yummy beer the after party starts at a local sports bar called Players. There another raffle went down for buying beer from the brewery who sponsors the run. One beer for $3= a winning raffle ticket for blistershield. YAY me! I was good and had a spinach salad with shrimp and dressing on the side and Todd had nachos. Right before we left the leftover beer from RRS showed up and we got another free beer! Anyhow, I hope to recruit more friends to run with us because I really like the idea of making exercise fun. It was also neat to meet up with other like minded fitness people, one of the guys at our table went to the same nursing school as I did (a year earlier), was in the navy and just placed 20 in his age group at the Safari Park Half, which I am totally doing next year the shirts are AMAZING! There were 2 marines and a women in the dental field at our table, we talked, ate, and drank till a little after 9 and headed home! Oh my time 3.88 miles in 49:18 which is a pace of 12:43, not too bad since we were running in the fwy's crosswalk that no one stops for, up small hills, and I was sorta lost LOL
 Today's scale results, last week I was 207.5 but didn't eat very well this week and had little exercise. Both things need to be worked on this week!
Today I had to grocery shop and treated myself to these babies for only 120 calories!!! Now if you haven't tried them and you like sweets run I mean RUN to target and buy some. YUMMY!!!! I know this entry is long and I am sorry about that. Have a great weekend, I will post Sunday after Run Like a Mother 5k!

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